Hot Topic: Want To Learn More About Some Celebrity Gossip?

03. August 2016 Celebrity Gossip 0

People tend to be curious about other people’s habits and how they spend their time with their lives, especially when people are obsessed with some celebrity wondering how they managed to make their life interesting. There are some people who wanted to know their secret so that they can live their lives just like them; fun, exciting and awesome. After all ordinary people are living boring lives day after day, work after work, sleep and then sleep. Nothing interesting happened, unlike the people who are viewed as idols.


Idols and celebrities are different. They constantly party, they always meet with interesting people, power people and visit different places that not even ordinary people could go without punching a dent into their wallet. This is why media loves hounding them. They wanted to know more about the gossips that have been going on their lives. They want to know who’s cheating who, and who’s messing someone up.


Everybody wants to learn more, and that’s why people love to gossip over people. They want to follow their style, their way of living because they make it so natural they wanted to see if they can do what they can do. People would love to become the idols and celebrities. They want to be loved and admired. They want to be acknowledged. There is so many gossips it’s hard to keep track of them. Most popular people get to the top liners because of some achievement that they managed to win through thelove of the fans or the popularity poll. This keeps other people stick through the news. They want to keep up to thedate of their success, their projects that sometimes they missed the point of it. In time people will get bored with the same story all over again, and so the media painted an ugly picture that will startle the crowd. Usually, it is anger that ignites this person to thereaction.


Some feel defensive others find the idols bland and boring or manipulative and petty, whatever the reasons it is people still follow the trend. Because who could deny celebrity gossip? Who doesn’t want to know more about them and tell your friends on what you learn? The question of privacy always brought it up, and there are some media who cannot respect,especially when they are determined to know the “truth” of the matter. In the end, there are a lot of people who wanted to learn about their idols because they admire them and at some point, they want to be them. They are an idea, where people who’ve never step out from the comfort zone take comfort that there are other people who can take the risk. But not everyone who views them as an idea, they find celebrities as washed up entertainment. Where they keep trying so hard to impress the crowd that in the end, it gets boring. It is harsh, and it is sad, but that’s show biz. You can’t dodge that one bullet, and it will always hit you where it hurts the most.


Bottom-line is that people will always look for more news in regards to their idols lives and the celebrities success. Because in short, they’ve got nothing better to do. Celebrity gossip is just an excuse to talk bad things about other people for the sake of one’s ego, thinking that they you are better than them. If one idol messed something up, you eat it because it fuels you that what you say are right. It is sad that that’s how it’s been used these days